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    Domestic Series Products
    DKJ Series Electrical Actuator
    DKZ Series Electrical Actuator
    DKJB Series Electrical Actuator
    DKZB Series Electrical Actuator
    Domestic Series Electrical Operator
    Servo Amplifiers Series
    Servo Manipulator Series
    Spheroidal hinge
    Electrical ball valve
    Electrical Control Valve
    Electrical butterfly valve
    BAZ Series small electrical actuator
    Circuit board and accessories
    Abroad Technology Series
    SD series electrical actuator
    YSD series electrical actuator
    Introduced Technology Electrical Manipulator
    Circuit board and accessories
    Imported with original manufactory
    French Bernard series
    Rotork Series
    EMG Series
    Sipos Series
    Circuit board and accessories
    Taijin Bernard Actuator CO.,Ltd.(Here referred to as Bernard company) is located in the national high and new industrial park-HuaYuan industrial park. Bernard company , which has professional technology personnel and management personnel, is one of the famous electric actuators manufacturing enterprise. Bernard company is a specialized company with the collection of intelligent electric actuators research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation, debugging. In the manufacturing process, The company use the advanced processing center, nc lathe, advanced testing equipment. And The technology quality level keeps pace with foreign world level . So the company meet the domestic enterprise need in electric actuators which was depended on import before and help our country saving a lot of foreign exchange expenditure. The intelligent electric actuators producted by the company is the top smart products in the world and have a lot of advantadges.such as the advanced digital integrated chip, all Chinese menu operation and display, intelligent, highly effective, the humanized electromechanical integrated structure design, the infra-red remote set .In addition,The intelligent electric actuators are light and beautiful; the debugging is simple;the operation is convenient;Chinese menu intelligent display is simple and reliable safety;and it has the perfect protection function. Depend on the enterprise spirit of "the science and technology is the first,the quality can win the reputation" we have gain client and market.And with our enthusiasm and devotion,we will do our utmost to make client satisfy.The products of Bernard company is always in the top when compared with other the same products.And the products is strictly producted and tested in accordance with the national standards,the professional standards and ISO9001 international quality identification system standards.In order to insure the quality of the products, the company prectises total quality manage system inside. the main products of the company as follows:the common type;the product type;the anti-explosion typethe adjust type;the switch type;the intelligent type with several swings;the corner route;the straight route and so on. the company has nearly one thousand of different standard of electric actuators. such as SD series; MSD series; YSD series; DKJ series; DKZ series; DKJB series; DKZB series; DFD series electric operator; DKJDKZDKJBDKZBseries electric actuators; Servo Amplifiers SeriesServo Manipulator SeriesElectrical adjusting valve series Electrical ball valveElectrical butterfly valveSpheroidal hinge and original electrical actuatorinclude German PS seriesRotork SeriesSipos SeriesEuropean SeriesEMG seriesSimens series etc..SD series intelligent actuator is various type, multi-function, high precise, light weight, stable and reliable quality, flexible installationconvinient for commission and maintainanceand used for power stationchemicalpetroliumconstruction materiallight industrywater treatmenturban construction etc. Various industry automatic control. With the increasing development and the expanding market share,the company pay more attention to the improvement of the construction of both the hardware facility and software circumstance.At the same time,we chose the external assistant manufacturers more strictly to continuous improve the products quality.In order to make the quality of the whole machine equalthe foreign produats', more than 90% electric components which are used is imported.On the basis of import,digestion and absorbing,some index even exceeds the foreign produact's.The whole quality can match the foreign produact's. The staff keep the principle of honest and credit in mind:"the user is the first;the serve is the first;the quality is the first".The principle penetrates every link of our work from beginning to end.the satisfy of the users is our pursuing ultimate goal. Our company be willing to make great efforts with friends from different fields to make contribution to the continuous improvement in automatic control sphere level.
    • Tianjin Bernard Actuator CO.,Ltd.
    • AddressNo.1,Haitai Huake 3 Road,Huayuan,Tianjin,China
    • Tel:+86-22-27630178 Email:tjbnd@fgbnd.com
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    • Wechat:13512210719 FAX:+86-022-27699915
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